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General Info.

The Pool side of the club offers 8 Championship Standard Supreme Pool tables and 1 American style table.

We will supply cues and chalks for those who don’t have their own.

We do not take bookings for single tables to avoid the problem of having to move people around the club to free up pre-booked tables, we just work by a simple first come first served policy. However if you do come into the club and all of the tables are taken your name will be taken and will go onto a waiting list for the next available table, then you have the option of sitting in 1 of our 3 Sitting Area’s

while you wait, or having a game of Snooker.

You can minimise the problem of there not being tables available for you by calling us on 0191 410 8750 before you leave and we can let you no how many tables are available at that time.

We will consider group bookings for party’s or events.

For any further enquiries or information do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 410 8750 or e-mail us at


Pool Events.

There are always a lot of different pool events going on in Birtley Snooker Club, We have had a -

- £250 a man Tournament.

- £100 a man Tournament.

- Blackball straight knockout Competition.

- Every week on a Sunday there is a Sunday Pool Competition which starts at 4 pm and is a straight knockout competition. It is a handicapped competition so any player of any ability can join. Its £5 in and for that you get entry into the main draw and a 1 free pint token worth up to the value of 1 pint of lager. All of the money taken is paid out at the end of the competition so the prize money varies depending on how many people are in the competition, the payout is for the winner and the runner up. Before the final is started the amount that is getting played for will be stated for example if there is £80 in the pot the finalists may decide to play £50 - £30, so the winner will receive £50 and the runner up will receive £30.


f you have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 410 8750 or e-mail us at

Alternatively you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and watch out for updates about any events, tournaments or competitions there.

Pool Leagues and Teams.

Currently we have teams playing in 3 different leagues, there is the Gateshead  and district league in which we have 3 teams. There is the Washington and district league in which we have 1 team and there is the Alfie Ball Memorial league in which we have 4 teams.

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